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2013 Swingaway MVP Baseball Training Hitting System

Bryce Harper Limited Edition RED

The SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP is the latest and Most Improved SA MVP Model to Date…. The SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP is engineered to be a stronger, more durable and even easier to assemble machine. This SwingAway Model is specifically designed for the Home Training of all players regardless of age or ability and for Team Use up to 13u. The MVP allows varsity and youth players to Train Year- Round on the Most Effective and Popular Professional Training Station ever made. The unit features a Burnt Red Color for the Base and Frame with Black Poles, Much Easier to Assemble and includes an Extra Bungee

The Bryce Harper SwingAway MVP Home Training System is designed specifically for Home Training for players of all ages & skill levels plus for team use from Tee Ball thru Little League. Professional, High School and College Programs plus the older Serious Players should consider The SwingAway PRO-Series.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Made of High Quality 18 gage Powder-Coated Steel. The Set-up size of the Frame is 62" x 50" with highest point of 6'2". Recommended Space is 10' x 10' area. The total Weight is on


The SwingAway is the Most Efficient Hitting Training Aid for the Batter to get the maximum Quality Swings in a shortest amount of time. The SwingAway provides the “Feel of Hitting Live Pitching” plus it allows the batter to position the ball anywhere in the strike zone. The batted ball will never be out of control and will strike the net in a way so the batter can see the trajectory of each ball hit. The ball is safely but quickly returned to its pre-set position within 3 seconds providing instant feedback to the hitter and/or coach. The Hitter will be trained through repetition and muscle memory to develop the Perfect Fundamental Swing while learning to hit any Pitch Location to the Appropriate Field with Increased Power and Confidence.


  • Immediately becomes a Hitting Station for Practice and Pre- Games Batting Practice
  • Provides the feel of hitting live pitches without chasing or picking up balls
  • Ensures a Perfect Swing with each repetition, instant feedback visually and by feel
  • Ball can be positioned anywhere in the strike zone, high, low, inside or outside
  • Includes the SA Patented Hitting Training Mat which teaches proper contact points to hit inside, outside, down the middle pitch locations
  • Promotes a Quick and Powerful hands inside and to the ball, eliminating a long casting swing and other swing flaws
  • Three-second ball return, up to 10-15 quality swings per minute - 100-150 cuts in Only 10-15 minutes
  • Develops Proper Swing Mechanics, Muscle Memory, Bat Speed, Power and Confidence
  • Train Year-Round, sets up indoors or out- plus folds flat in seconds for maximum portability and storability

Converts very easily to a World Class Pitch -Back for defensive and throwing drills ly 36 lbs.

 The Patented SwingAway Hitting Mat - replicates the inner portion of the Batter’s Box, featuring an Official Size Home Plate and will allow the hitter to "visualize" where to connect and drive the pitched ball. The mat is marked for both Right and Left handed Hitters and numbered baseballs showing the "Proper Contact Points” plus Directional Arrows to show where to Drive the Pitches that are Inside, Outside, or Down the Middle. The SwingAway Hitting Station combined with the Hitting Mat will train players of all ages and skill levels to hit the ball where it is pitched, pulling the inside pitch, going opposite field with an outside pitch and driving the middle pitch right back where it came from. The SwingAway and SA Mat Combination will show you the direction and the trajectory of the hit ball plus the SA will train the hitter to hit hard powerful line drives to the proper field for any pitch location with a Short Powerful Compact Swing. The SA Mat is also a great stand-alone tool to use during live batting practice, short toss, soft toss and tee drills.

  • The SA Hitting Mat will allow the hitter to "visualize" where to connect and drive the pitched ball
  • The SwingAway will show you the direction and the trajectory of the hit ball plus the SA will train the hitter to hit hard powerful line drives to the proper field for any pitch location with a Short Powerful Compact Swing

The SwingAway Net and Target Zone will help you visualize the direction and trajectory of each hit ball. You can isolate training to work on quick hands, compact swing, and strong follow-through. Your torso can work to develop power with quick repetition of true baseball movement. Your legs and hips will develop the muscle feedback and confidence to take with you into the game. Plus with booms and tethers disconnected, the net works well as a Pitch-Back or Rebounder for fielder training (it can be tilted back or forward for pop ups and grounders).

The SwingAway is The Most Trusted and Effective Batting Training Machine at the highest levels of the game of Baseball and Softball. The SwingAway is used by more Professional, Top College, High School and Travel Programs than all other Hitting Training Machines Combined. The same technology that is used and developed by the Pros for the Pros is Now Available to all possess the drive and determination to reach their Maximum True Hitting Potential and to “GET REAL GOOD, REAL FAST”!



"I'm excited to become a part of the SWINGAWAY Family. They have the same strong commitment to helping young and elite baseball players elevate their games by becoming better hitters," said Bryce Harper, I am absolutely convinced that every player regardless of their age or ability should train on a SWINGAWAY, because I've been hitting on the SWINGAWAY since I was in Little League and still use it today. I chose to Partner with SWINGAWAY because it is the Most Important Training Aid a player should own.”

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