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The Big Play Sports Net from Heater Sports

The Big Play boasts the revolutionary fiberglass design for maximum strength and flexibility.

Durable fiberglass frame sections and bungee cord features makes the Big Play Sports Net quick and easy to set-up and take-down.

With the strong 1” poly netting the Big Play is perfect for baseball, soccer, and golf use.


With the Big Play Sports Net, you can take soft toss practice at home, in the garage, or at the ball park.

Simply stake the Big Play Sports Net in the ground, stand a few feet away, and hit. It's that simple.

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• Fiberglass Frame
• 1” Poly Netting
• Metal Ground Stakes

• Fiberglass Frame Adds Strength and Flexibility
• 1” Netting is Strong and Long Lasting
• Metal Stakes Provide Necessary Support

Heavy Duty Metal Stakes Kevlar Seamed Netting Durable Metal Corners

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