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Batting Cage 24 X 12 12 Backyard Complete System

  24’ x 12’ x 12’ batting cage

Now anyone can afford there own batting cage!
Everything you need to set up this cage is in the box!
Put a batting cage system in your own backyard! Now, anyone can afford to 
have a batting cage. This 24’ x 12’ x 12’ batting cage system is ready for you to use with any pitching machine.

The batting cage is constructed from rugged steel and fiberglass with foam padding, and the 1” square golf size mesh netting is constructed from durable black nylon. The 3 free standing arch supports are tethered on the ends when in use and can be collapsed for convenient storage.

This is an actual picture of the Heater Extender 24'. Note:  There is a pre 
made hole in the back where the net pulls back a few more feet allowing the 
set up of any pitching machine..

This unique affordable design uses fiberglass extendable poles the same as 
a camping tents. These are covered with thick foam padding. These poles 
slip into large solid steel spikes that are hammered into the ground. The 
system is then covered with 1" golf ball sized nylon netting.

If you prefer 48" simply add a quanity of 2. The The Extenders are designed 
to Extend.

Safety Note: This cage is designed for the pitching machine to be outside 
the cage, therefore; outside the hitting zone. If you plan on standing inside the cage and pitching, we highly reccomend using an L screen or adding another 24' to make your cage 48'

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Although this listing is for folks that want a cage only. You can also add a 
pitching machine from our store and recieve free delivery on both. No 
Hassle No Games.

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