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CoachDeck Soccer Practice Drill Card Coach Coaching Pack

What is CoachDeck?


The first-ever, instructional deck of cards designed by coaches for coaches. Shuffle through 52 color-coded drills that teach valuable fundamentals, while leaving in the "fun." Whether you’re a novice or veteran, in charge of the team, or just working with the "future superstar" in the backyard, A Perfect Practice is in the Cards, with CoachDeck™.

Your players will never get tired of the same old practice. Each deck includes instructional cards and a card holder.


These drill cards were created to assist the thousands of hard-working
youth baseball volunteer coaches and parents who would like to help players learn
important skills and fundamentals though fun drills and games.

Inside this deck you will find 52 color-coded cards that teach basic and valuable
fundamental baseball skills. Because you'll get more out of kids when they
compete, nearly every drill contains a unique "Make it a Game" feature that will
ensure your players want practice to go on forever.

The drills in each CoachDeck were designed by professional coaches to be
performed by players from ages 6-16. They are laid out in an easy-to-understand
format that allows coaches to conduct an extremely effective practice with little or
no preparation!



What People are Saying about CoachDeck

"The CoachDeck program is one of the most effective teaching tools to help Coaches become better at teaching and practice management.  In our first year of using them, we saw practices at every level from Tee-Ball to Juniors Baseball become more effective, creative and enjoyable for the players. In 2007 VSLL accomplished a clean sweep of all Seven District Championships, with an additional four State Sectional Titles and Two Florida State Championships in baseball and softball.  I would strongly recommend the CoachDeck program to help your league’s Coaches become more effective at practice management."

J. Piersall, President, Viera Suntree Little League

"I have a deep background in football and basketball and know the importance of well-run crisp practices. Baseball is my son’s passion and now it is mine so I manage a Little League team. Coach Deck helped me organize my practices with the same effectiveness as I would basketball or football. I like to do a lot of station-to-station work and I will simply give the card of a drill I want done to one of my assistants to run that station for me. A great tool for the volunteer coach or manager."

J. Tomes, President, Del Mar Little League

"I absolutely LOVE them!! I am just so excited about these cards!! I was always willing to help out with my youngest son's (now a high school sophomore) team, but found myself being the coach - not something I felt qualified for. I did get my coaching licenses, but that really didn't give me much more comfort. Something like this would have been perfect - it would be easy to get a drill figured out and - as I said - just as easy to spread out the cards and have a kid pick one out. They will easily fit into the coaches bags we give them - or however else they want to carry them around."

C. Johnston-President, Oregon (Wisconsin) Soccer Association (Soccer CoachDeck is in our ebay store)

"The decks were a huge hit! We had a coaches meeting and asked how many wanted one. Every hand went up! "

L. Oetzel, Treasurer, Silvis Youth Baseball

"The coaches love the decks! Sometimes you just didn't have time to plan the practice you wanted and you can literally put a skills practice together in two minutes. Aside from putting a practice together in a hurry if you need to, we find it to be a great way to have something literally in your pocket in case what you want to work just isn't working. We've all had practices laid out and the wrong number of kids show up (too few, too many) or the drill just isn't giving you the result you need. Instead of beating the same old dead horse, you reach into your pocket and have something new, something exciting, something that will work right there in your hand. Personally, (and I'm a Varsity HS Coach), I plan my practices out in detail well ahead of time. But I ALWAYS bring the deck with me just in case."

M. Harrington, Director of Coaching, North Scott Soccer Association (Soccer CoachDeck is available in our ebay store)

"We loved the CoachDecks (great idea), be sure to let us know when you have a Softball deck available."

L. Thomas, President, Foresthill Little League

"(CoachDeck) offers our coaches the confidence they need to conduct quality training sessions. Also, our DOC's for the select and academy programs are clamoring for your product! This is the best soccer training product for coaches that I've ever seen."

C. Garner - President, Tucker Youth Soccer Association

"The cards arrived yesterday and I picked them up from our front desk this morning. I'm impressed and look forward to using them soon. One of the ladies in the office saw them and rushed to your site to order a set for her sons as a stocking filler for Christmas, so you'll probably have a few enquiries from this part of the world in the near future."

N. Clement, New Zealand

"I reviewed the cards during my lunch break to prepare for practice tonight. I am an assistant coach on my son's team. The manager generally asks me to run 1 or 2 drills with the kids. I selected drills for infield, outfield, and baserunning, so I am ready to go! One of my league’s coaches, who is also a middle-school teacher, told me, "That deck you gave me is great, I am already using the cards at my practices!"

B. Davis, President, Hollis Baseball and Softball, Hollis, ME

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