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 Two Wheel Curveball Baseball Pitching Machine By FirstPitch

If you are looking for a high quality high performance machine that can throw breaking balls and fastballs at speeds up to and over 90 mph, the FirstPitch Two Wheel Curve is for you!

FIRST PITCH is proud to introduce the new two wheel pitching machine model. A lot of work has gone into this machine to assure that our customers get the best double wheel pitching machine on the market today.

With a top speed of over 100mph This machine has all the power and accuracy you need for batting practice against curve ball and different pitches

As with all thier pitching machine models they have a full five year warranty and a thirty day return policy on this machine.

If you order your new two wheel pitching machine during the week it will be shipped factory direct within 48 hrs of receiving your payment .

Don't compare our curve ball pitching machines to Jugs, compare Jugs two wheel pitching machines to ours.

FEATURES: The two wheel machine is ready to ship today.

Up to 105 mph.Curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs,fastballs, tailing fastballs and sidearm curves. These pitches are created simply by adjusting the individual wheels to different speeds

5 year warranty.

Swivel function and a side to side adjustment that allows for angling the tires to throw the different pitches.

The ball turret makes both left handed and right handed pitches possible.

  • Angle and speed are adjustable 20 to 105 MPH  for accurate, consistent pitches.
  • Quality construction combines the strength of steel with weight-saving aluminum. Compact and easy to carry to games.
  • This machine will look good and operate reliably even after years of service. So when your kids have outgrown it, your resale value will be there.
  • Five-year warranty and Customer Service ensure your satisfaction. Check our feedback and see how other FirstPitch owners have been pleased with their machines. Best Sports Direct also offers a 30 Day Satisfaction Gaurantee
  • Combines the quality and features of far more expensive machines — easy operation, shaped ball track, strong motor, and top-quality materials — at a very competitive price.
  • Now with US made Leeson Motor and Minarik dc Drive..
  • The First Pitch machine is always in stock ready to ship, never a back order or lead time.
  • Details: Adjustment knobs are nickel-plated aluminum; main bracket is black zinc-coated steel; other parts are red powder-coated aluminum. 1/3 HP motor operates on house current and draws 5 amps; grounded cord is included.

  • Dual handle allows the entire machine to tilt around to simulate just about any pitch type.

  • 360 degree turning base allows for easy transition to pop fly or grounder practice. Note with a two wheel machine you can use more effectivly for ground ball practice. 1 Wheel machines will always have back spin.

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Please feel Free To Call Or Email Any Questions  888 852 4550