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The Zone In Pitching Target is a lightweight, portable pitching target designed to help pitchers of all ages master the strike zone. This is the most comprehensive and targeted pitcher development tool on the market.

The Zone-In Pitching Target includes a basic unit with a multi-colored strike zone and individual pockets along with 2 attachable Zone Isolators. The Zone Isolators will allow coaches and pitchers to customize pitching drills to improve pitching accuracy and control for all types of pitches. The Zone-In can isolate those 8 to 10 critical areas of the strike zone that pitchers will need to practice throwing to in order to prepare them to pitch effectively at the next level.

The Zone-Isolator 3 attached to the basic unit (figure 2) offers 4 corner strike zone isolation which is perfect for working on moving the ball in and out as well as up and down the strike zone. It is also ideal for working on various pitch count scenarios while providing instant feedback on the pitcher's progress.

The third graphic demonstrates how the Zone-Isolator 2 (figure 3) is capable of isolating single areas or multiple areas of the strike zone to give pitchers an opportunity to work on throwing to locations they may be struggling with, which will help them gain the confidence and consistency they will need at game time.

The Zone-In Pitching Target is a perfect training aid for pitchers of all ages. No catcher is required. This product "grows with your pitcher" - meaning as they advance their skills, the Zone-In presents a more refined focused target to throw to.


  • Quality construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with FREE Canvas Travel Bag
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Tarp made of heavy duty vinyl coated polyester
  • Multi-colored strike zone with individual pockets
  • Replacement parts available


  • Easy assembly/disassembly for field or back yard use
  • Isolate specific zones to help pitchers improve control and accuracy
  • Help pitchers develop enhanced mental focus and concentration
  • Ideal training aid for catchers to work on throwing accuracy to 2nd base
  • Great target for pitchers to practice pick-off moves to various bases
  • Versatile target for infielders/outfielders to work on their throwing accuracy

zone in pitching target

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