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FirstPitch Combo Pitching Machine With 48' Batting Cage


Combo Pitching Machine By FirstPitch


48' 12' 12' Xtender Complete Home Batting Cage By Trend Sports.

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If you are looking for a high quality machine that can throw a wide variety of ball

types up tp 80 mph With a batting cage large enough to simulate real youth baseball depths,The FirstPitch Original with The Xtender 48' batting Cage is your choice.

This package includes Both the machine & cage pictured. Brand new In box.

Everything you need to set up this complete system is included. You will need nothing extra!

Details On The FirstPitch Original

  • Throws baseballs or 12" and 11"softballs. Two loading tubes are included. You can switch tubes in seconds without tools. Throws pitching machine balls or real baseballs and softballs
  • Angle and speed are adjustable 20 to 80 MPH for accurate, consistent pitches.
  • Quality construction combines the strength of steel with weight-saving aluminum. Compact and easy to carry to games.
  • This machine will look good and operate reliably even after years of service. So when your kids have outgrown it, your resale value will be there.
  • Five-year warranty and Customer Service ensure your satisfaction. Check our feedback and see how other FirstPitch owners have been pleased with their machines.
  • Best Sports Direct also offers a 30 Day Satisfaction Gaurantee
  • Combines the quality and features of far more expensive machines — easy operation, shaped ball track, strong motor, and top-quality materials — at a very competitive price.
  • Now with US made Leeson Motor and Minarik dc Drive..
  • The First Pitch machine is always in stock ready to ship, never a back order or lead time.
  • Details: Adjustment knobs are nickel-plated aluminum; main bracket is black zinc-coated steel; other parts are red powder-coated aluminum. 1/3 HP motor operates on house current and draws 5 amps; grounded cord is included

  • Details On The 48' Xtender Batting Cage

    The Xtender 48 Batting Cage is the most revolutionary batting cage ever developed! Never before have you been able to purchase
    a complete batting cage and have it shipped directly to you.

    The Xtender 48 arrives in two boxes, each box contains everything you need for a 24 foot batting cage. Just following the easy
    instructions and the cages join together to make a 48 foot home batting cage.

    The secret to the affordability and durability of the Xtender Home Batting cage lies in the frame design and netting.

    First, the frame’s side supports are made of steel tubing to give the frame durability and maximum swinging area for the batter.

    Second, the middle arch of the frame is made of flexible fiberglass rod. This rod allows the cage to flex in the wind without bending or

    Third, the six power stakes are staked into the ground to give maximum frame support.

    Fourth, a rugged foam pad slides over each frame support to protect the frame from balls.

    Fifth, the extra strength catch net is made of 1” polypropylene netting compared to 2” netting used on other cages. This smaller
    netting provides twice as much strength in the same amount of space. In fact, this netting is so small it doubles as a golf cage.

    And because you can connect Xtender cages together, you can increase the length of your cage just by ordering another Xtender
    Cage. Don’t let another day go by without owning your own batting cage. The Xtender comes with a 30 day money back guarantee
    and 1 year limited warranty. Order yours today!


    • Solid Steel & Fiberglass Frame
    • Foam Padding
    • 1” Polypropylene Netting
    • Steel Ground Stakes and Nylon Support Ropes
    • Built-in Pitching Machine Harness
    • Works Perfectly with Trend Sports Pitching Machines


    • Fiberglass poles assemble quickly while adding strength and stability
    • Foam Padding protects frame from damage
    • 1” Polypropylene Netting is durable and strong
    • Steel Ground Stakes provide rugged support
    • Built-in Harness connects easily to pitching machine

    Key Specs:

    • Model #: XT599
    • 48 ft. Long, 12 ft. Wide, 12 ft. High
    • Recommended Ages: 6 years to Adult
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - One Year Warranty
    • Use for Baseball Softball or Golf

    Please feel free to call us or email if you have any questions.

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