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PassMaster Hockey Passing & Stick Handling Training Aid

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Product Features:

  • Great on-ice tool as a passing station for coaches of younger developing players.
  • Teaches players to deliver soft passes and keep their stick on the ice to recieve a puck.
  • Can be used ON-ICE or OFF-ICE.
  • Comes with one industrial=strength band + removeable ice spikes.


  • Use the PASSMASTER as a passing station at your hockey practices. Allows 3 players to work on their passing at a time!
  • Players get lots of reps in - both passing the puck and recieving passes.
  • The continuous repetition is ideal to promote proper passing techniques.

Passmaster can also be used at home in the basement or garage to give yourself one-timer passes when big brother or dad aren't around to feed you the puck!