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Pop Toss Slowpitch Softball Batting Pitching Machine New Design

Pop Toss Batting Tee

New Design

For Slowpitch Softball

The Pop Toss batting tee is an affordable alternative to traditional pitching machines and batting tees. Every Pop Toss batting tee is a spring loaded, piston driven pitching machine. This means that the Pop Toss does not use electricity or batteries, and is completely self contained.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  PopToss announces a New Slow Pitch Softball tossing device for more advanced hitters.  It tosses the 12 inch softball on a high arc  20x20 feet ( height and walk off distance).   NOTE:  This ball tossing device performs like a pitching machine, AND, it is easily converted to a lower toss for some our older customers and others who are new to slow pitch softball.  FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Click on SPORTS at the top of this page, and click on Slow Pitch Softball to order it here ON THE WEBSITE.  Regular PRICE is $179.99  ....  introductory price is $159.99

The timer on all the Pop Toss batting tee models is adjustable, as well as the height and spin on the “popped” ball. In fact, the Pop Toss pitching machine can even pitch curve balls and sliders, at intervals of 5, 7 or 9 seconds.

The Poptoss Green Tee” (Slow-Pitch Softball) allows players to load the machine and retreat back 10-15 feet into their stance in order to have the machine pitch the ball from in front on a 10′ arc. The “Green Tee” can also be used at close distance for soft-toss type drills, for quick repetition as well.

Pop Toss Batting Tee Warranty

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Warranty Information: We will guarantee the proper operation of the valves and working operation of the Ball Striker for 90 days. The Warranty is Voided, if the batting tee is either struck by a bat or extreme force is used when loading the batting tee thus damaging the inner mechanism, OR made inoperable due to excessive dirt in the main chamber (housing). See instructional videos on how to keep excessive dirt out of the inside of the batting tee. No refunds or exchanges will be made if these three items are present in the batting tee(s) requested for exchange or replacement.

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