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Ultimate Use Golf Practice Mat 4X6 Multi Turf Swing Mat

Ultimate Golf Mat 4'X 6'



A great multi-use practice golf mat for your backyard. The Ultimate Golf mat has 3 diffent types of turf so you can practice all of your shots on one mat. With highly durable turf and backing, this mat can be used on a variety of surfaces.

  • 4'x6' Mat
  • 3' of knitted nylon turf provides a perfect stance area. As an added bonus has 3 holes for rubber tees.
  • 1' of semi-rough that allows for you to practice with your iron and chipping
  • 1' of knitted nylon turf allows you to practice with your wood and irons
  • 1' of high-density nylon turf that allows you to practice with a real wooden tee
  • 5/8" Foam Padding
  • One (1) rubber tee is included